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clone adapter or maybe modchip culprit -- issues?

Postby LarryWalker » Mon May 21, 2018 7:00 am


Is your PS2 console soft modded (FMCB) or using a Modchip or combined?
Both, FMCB 1.952 + modchip (don't know which one)
What model is your PS2 console (exact model number)?
Fat SCPH-50004 PAL
Use a clone sata HDD adapter with a Samsung HD253GJ (250GB)
The problem is that some software works just fine while other don't.
- HDLoader works just fine.
- OPL 9.1 works fine but don't save any settings made to specific games.
Any newer build start but the game list is blank, latest DB (1036) say that it can't find the HDD, build 1005 do see the game list but get a black screen if I try to load any of them.
- HDL Game Installer can't find the HDD.
- Install boot software on the HDD so it would get browser 2.00 and I can see the HDD along side the MC.
But it can't boot from it. MCboot from MC work just fine.
My suspicions goes towards the clone HDD adapters and read other peoples problem with those.
But I seem to have more or other issues so I wounder if the modchip maybe could cause problems as well??

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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