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Escape Lizards Greenlight Campaign Now Live!

Postby Administrator » Thu May 05, 2016 6:31 pm

This is the discussion thread for the Escape Lizards Greenlight Campaign Now Live! blog post.

After two years of hard work, I'm pleased to announce that our first game, Escape Lizards, is up for user voting on Steam Greenlight! So before you read any further, go vote for us at! ;)

It's taken us a while to get here (a little longer than I originally imagined), but part of the reason for that is that we wanted a really high quality product to show in the greenlight campaign. Even though it's not technically meant to represent the final game, I figured that first impressions are very important, and so although we were planning to start our public campaign in late 2015 I'm happy that we decided to add some extra polish first.

View the full article here: Escape Lizards Greenlight Campaign Now Live!
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