Escape Lizards Release: April 2017

Written on 2017-04-04 by Ben 'Xenoprimate' Bowen

After two and half years of hard work, I'm pleased to announce that our first game, Escape Lizards, has been released on Steam.

Escape Lizards is a challenging puzzle-platformer where the player must navigate lizard eggs over precarious platforms in order to progress. Players can not directly control the lizards' eggs but instead must manipulate the levels themselves in order to cross- by using abilities such as level-tilting, flipping gravity, and hops & double-jumps.

As well as using these tools to complete challenges, players can replay previous levels and beat their previous times in order to obtain better star-ratings. Collecting stars will lead to unlocking further, tougher worlds and the more difficult levels within.

The game also contains 'vulture eggs'- a side objective where players can knock the eggs of their avian rivals off a level before completing it. Knocking the eggs off will be rewarded with 'golden eggs' which can be used to unlock new skins for the playeregg!

Finally, the game also contains automatic steam leaderboard integration. While playing, the player's Steam friends' best times will be shown alongside their own, giving them a neverending objective to reach for. Using all the in-game mechanics they are encouraged to find shortcuts on each level in order to snag the golden friends' medals!

The game is built on a custom game engine. The technical lead, Ben Bowen, decided to create a custom engine in order to get the "perfect" feel for the in-game physics. Using a bespoke codebase has allowed the team to perfect every game mechanic and get the ball/egg physics exactly as desired. Although the extra work made development difficult at times, the team is now extremely happy with the end result, and truly feel that they wouldn't have been able to achieve something with the unique feel of Escape Lizards on any existing commercial engine.

There are more screenshots and media available at the Escape Lizards website, in the Media section.
More can be seen about the company and the team on the about page, including contact details.
The game can be purchased via our Steam store page.


"Once I'd finished the first few levels I was hooked" - JC (Beta Tester)

"Simple yet addictive" - AA (Beta Tester)

"Think super meat boy, but with balls" - SD (Beta Tester)

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