About Egodystonic Studios

The Company

Egodystonic Studios is a small indie/startup games company based in the United Kingdom, and founded in 2015. Escape Lizards, our first title, was released on Steam in April 2017.

The name "Egodystonic" refers to thoughts, actions, or obsessions contradictory to one's self-image; and has special meaning to our founder, who is diagnosed with clinical obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Email: enquiries@egodystonic.com Twitter: @EGDStudios
Web: Egodystonic Studios Forum Facebook: facebook.com/egodystonic

The Team

Ben "Xenoprimate" Bowen
Founder • Technical and Design Lead

Bio: In 2012, after graduating from university, Ben started working for the defence industry (specifically with lasers!). After two great years of learning, he eventually left his job to create Egodystonic Studios. Currently he's the technical and design lead; having created the engine and game design for Escape Lizards. In the future he's hoping to be given the chance to express his creativity with more freedom and a bigger team!

Favourite Games: Ben likes a lot of different games, but anything with guns is usually a good place to start. Some of his favourites include the Mass Effect and Deus Ex series, Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, Team Fortress 2, Portal/Portal 2, and the Borderlands series. Also he still needs to finish his first playthrough of XCOM 2! As well as shooting baddies with beefy weapons, he particularly enjoys any game with a deep or emotionally complex storyline.

Interests: Ben recently went to see Tesseract in London and is keenly in to Prog Metal. He also plays electric guitar for fun and owns a Jackson Pro Soloist 6-string, and is looking to get a 7-string soon. Otherwise he enjoys keeping fit and is an amateur kickboxer with a casual interest in mixed martial arts. He also has a massive geek-streak, being an avid fan of Battlestar Galactica and Isaac Asimov's Foundation series.

Raphael "Inurias" Rabl
Junior Gameplay Programmer

Bio: From a young age, Raphi has always liked games and gaming, and always found himself wondering how they were made- and if he could make games himself someday. Sure enough, it was clear to him early on that he wanted to become a game developer and work with programming. Although his first coding experience started with very little and simple projects, after finding several tools and ways to exploit games and applications, soon he started to have interest in a specific area of coding: Game hacking.
His first attempts at white-hat hacking were with games like the older FlyFF and Warcraft III, but when eventually he started to play UT2004 actively he found his passion came in to full effect. At the moment, Raphael is studying IT at university while working simultaneously for Egodystonic Studios.

Favourite Games: Like everyone at Egodystonic Studios, Raphael likes and plays many games, so he found it difficult to choose; but his favourite games of all time are Warcraft III and Unreal Tournament 2004. That being said, he considers games like Skyrim, Counter-Strike, SOMA, the Amnesia, Penumbra and the Portal series worthy of an honorable mention. For multiplayer games he likes everything that is fun to play and will not get boring for a long time. For singleplayer games, everything that has good immersion and a decent/complex storyline suit well!

Interests: Raphael's biggest passion besides coding and tinkering with games/software is music. He almost always listens to music (mainly rap) and loves to write lyrics himself. It's his way to keep a clear head and cope with problems. He also enjoys to work out and to go outside for a walk in the nature regularly. Other interests include philosophy, science and creative activities like drawing, even though he confesses he is not the best at it yet.

Tommy "Goordon" Scheumann
Artistic Director

Bio: Tommy got into things like graphics design (mainly 2D / Photoshop) as soon as he got a computer, at around age thirteen. During those formative years, he dabbled in various disciplines; such as web design for friends, backend programming, user desktop apps, and more... But soon realised that artistic and creative outlets were where his heart lied. Eventually, he started experimenting with 3D graphics / design, and fell in love with it. A heavy Blender user since 2012, his favorite 3D modelling subjects are real-life-like renders and now game design / 3D game art for Egodystonic Studios.

Favourite Games: A lover of all games, Tommy is pretty much into every single genre. Though if forced to choose a favourite, he would pick the shooter genre, he also loves puzzle and/or tycoon games for a more calmed/chilled evening. His two favorite single-player series of all time are the Metal Gear Solid series & the Fallout series. When it comes to multiplayer he likes everything competetive, having played Unreal Tournament 2004 for about ten years and now being a passionate CS:GO competitive player.

Interests: Tommy likes to go to swimming & tries to stay fit in general. He's also a fan of any kind of music ("as long as it's good music!"); he's usually listening for many hours throughout the day (including while working!). Other than that he likes going out for a walk, surrounded by nature, but also loves discovering bigger cities. Apart from doing work for Egodystonic Studios he also loves using his 3D software for private projects, with endless enthusiasm and a special interest in experimenting with new concepts and ideas.

Sam "Ho0ch" Folkes

Bio: Since finishing a Masters in Music for Film and Composition, Sam has been freelancing as a composer and performer. Happy to have a go at any project he has worked on things from horror films and promotional adverts to performing as a jazz pianist. Other than that he has his own music project "Hooch" in which he explores cinematic and electronic worlds.

Favourite Games: Sam is a big Unreal Tournament 2004 fan, later getting in to Call of Duty 4. At the moment however he spends a lot of time playing Rocket League!

Interests: Other than music and games, Sam is a lover of travelling and competitive Rubik's cubing.